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Just joined & it's the first community I belong to. I'm 16 5'10 135lbs, from upstate NY and I definitely like A&F and Hollister, AE is good but their jeans all fade to the same color and it's annoying. I've read some of the entries here and it seems like a cool community - there aren't many gay preps I know and the ones I do are competition so we don't get along - it's just a gay reality unfortunately. Here's a picture of me so you have some idea of what I look like but make sure to enlarge it once it opens or I look like I'm missing a chromosome. I plan to work at Abercrombie when I turn 18, retail is fun and who wouldn't want the confirmation? My aim sn is dubestock2 if you care to chat. Glad to have joined. :)
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hottt dude
that is a very cute pic. yeah i would love to work with abercrombie or Hollister, but in marketing.